Sword Art Online Episode 8

The Sword Dance of White and Black

So well, basically, Kirito and Asuna finally spend some time together. Be it showing how easy it is to cook and making me drool from how tasty it must have been, to groping her boob and getting punched, they have a merry old time all episode. And this eventually leads to them teaming up, and then they explore a dungeon, find the boss room and open the door to have a peak.

You know, I don’t know if this is a side-story or not, but we’re at Floor 74 now, and there’s little-t0-no story being given. There was some clear attempts at it, by talking of the two years passing and how they’re forgetting the real world, but…ugh. I just can’t enjoy the characters or the environment when it feels like a ridiculously huge chunk of it has wandered off somewhere. It’s like opening a book at a random page and reading from there, it just doesn’t work.


One thought on “Sword Art Online Episode 8

  1. I like how they’re setting it out so far. The ‘story’ is obvious but they haven’t gone deep into it. They’re showing us floor 74 already because it wouldn’t be beneficial to show every step of the way. Realistically they can’t show a floor per episode because it’d still be rushing each floor. So using this time skip system works to be honest. Besides, they’ve already shown they can go up and down floors they’ve cleared freely. When/if the story kicks in properly they probably won’t be just ascending the floors but also having to go back to previous ones for whatever problem they encounter. But unless they planned on this being like 800 episodes long I doubt you’d see every bit of detail that Kirito & the rest have been through. Also, Asuna is a bit of a skank.

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