Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 22

I’ll Win Even If it Kills Me

Of course… Kise and Aomine’s game doesn’t start until the very last second of this episode. Why must this show always be so evil with cliffhangers? But with that, I’m crazy excited for the next episode. It’s nice to take a break from Seirin’s games as well. Although Kise hasn’t won against Aomine one-on-one before, I’ve always wondered if he had a chance since his specialty is copying other player’s moves with ease. Maybe he could play just as well as Aomine. He’s pretty confident this time, so we’ll see (though I’m supposed to believe that Aomine will always win…and still do ^^!).

As for the majority of this episode, it just focuses on more grueling training. Taiga finds himself in a little predicament when he plays against Midorima who easily prevents him from scoring. And the reason why it’s so easy is because his dunks are so darn predictable. But with his jumping ability improving, he’s leaning more towards “aerial basketball.” If he can’t compete with Aomine on the ground, it has to be in the air. Interesting. This sparks an idea in Kuroko, though. To the skies, everyone?

With only three episodes left, this series will probably conclude with Kise’s game and when they finish training. Or another cruel cliffhanger. Now…where the heck is the announcement for season 2? I’m dying to see the last two guys from the Generation of Miracles… T_T


8 thoughts on “Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 22

  1. thanks a lot! As an anime fanatic I really love this kind of blog.. heheh actually I really want to make a great anime blog like this too.. but too bad I don’t have much time… 😀

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      • I love wordpress, it just that I can’t customize my blog freely compare to blogspot where I can customize my themes easily… thank you so much mimi! I will also put you in my blogroll and will always looking forward for every posts in this blog 😀

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