Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 23

I’m Not Mature!

Back in the old days, life was dull and boring for Kise because he was “better” than everyone else at sports. That is, until he met Aomine, who inspired him to play basketball. Although he has lost to him in all their games thus far, he still used that time to study Aomine inside out, which would explain his confidence in beating him now.

This game wastes no time in pitting them against each other, making it a thrilling watch from beginning to end. Kise has obviously gotten stronger since the last time they played, since he’s able to stop Aomine from scoring (sometimes). But did he really think that he could predict all his crazy moves? He forgets that Aomine knows him just as well as he does.

Where this series gets really interesting is when it examines the strengths and weaknesses of each player. So far, Aomine doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses. He’s the best and that’s it. His team looks down on Kise as being a mere copycat who has no weapons of his own. But on the flip side, he’s continuously learning and improving. It seems that Kise would have the potential to be the strongest out of all of them if he could make everyone’s special technique his own and perform them better. All the Generation of Miracles packed in one! Well, all except for Kuroko.

I get a feeling that the best has yet to come. Kise is saving something big for the next episode. Oh goodie, what is it?! I can hardly wait. D:


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