Natsuyuki Rendezvous Episode 11 [Final]

Episode 11

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an ending so perfect. Considering that many anime today don’t end anyway, or they’re so complicated that they leave more questions than answers, this is very refreshing.

The big, intense moment comes down to what Rokka and Atsushi are going to do. Live happily ever after? Bring Hazuki back? Or kill themselves? As it turns out, Rokka really does love Hazuki and wants his body to be returned to him, but she’s also willing to leave with Atsushi to “the other side.” The decision rests with a pair scissors in Atsushi’s hands, instilling panic in Hazuki who thinks they just might attempt suicide.

Well Atsushi, I’m really glad that you stopped being a jerk. From here, everything goes as it should. Hazuki returns to Rokka (boy is he glad to be back), and they raise their own family at the flower shop. As for Atsushi, he finally rests in peace after they die of old age and their daughter takes over the shop. The simple fact that they all choose to do the right thing and come together in the end makes this a great fairy tale (let’s just assume they all went to Heaven, ok?).

Looking back on the whole series, it really threw me in for a surprise. For example, I didn’t expect the body-switching thing to last that long, but it turned out to be a major element to the story and used in a great way. I’ll have a lot of good things to say about it for my review without being too spoilerish (I hope!).


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