Movie: Mardock Scramble: The Second Combustion

Mardock Scramble: The Second Movie

Mardock Scramble 2 is essentially just a direct continuation of the first movie, if I want to be honest. Just like the first, it’s got it’s share of pyscological wonder and magical things, like homosexual dolphins, a paradise, a doctor who flys an egg-ship, sulky heads in jars and a mouse which exists in many dimensions. With this many ridiculous things, it’s obvious that the show is fixed in the deep end of pyscology, and the amazing artwork behind the hour-long movie only helps to prove this.

Mimi’s review gives you the full coverage of the first movie, but this one just continues on with Balot’s search for revenge against Shell, and the aftermath caused by her breakdown at the end of the first movie. So, you know, pretty important that you’ve seen where it all begins, otherwise this won’t make much sense to you. Oddly enough, though, the majority of this movie is spent on the calm before the storm, hunting down the evidence needed to put Shell away…in the safest place he knows where to hide them. Hiding memories is something that’s amazingly complex as it is, but when you consider why he hid his memories inside casino chips, it really paints the picture of the kind of man he is.

So, yeah. After a brief rest in Paradise, where Oeufcoque fully recovers, they hunt down the elusive million dollar chips at Shell’s casino…and that’s how the episode goes. Simple? Kinda. Boring? Not at all. You’d expect spending time watching people gamble would be boring, but the show handles it in an amazing manner, gripping you with it’s pyscological ranting and it’s magical artwork, and you just don’t want to take your eyes off the screen. Be it the magic behind the roulette ball, or the algorithms behind a deck of cards, everything is delivered in an amazingly stylish manner that you just don’t want to look away from.

I suck at analysing the aspects of this, but the film is amazingly thought provoking. Hell, even the premise of a witness coming back to life to testify against someone is mind boggling, let alone a transmorphing mouse who can cheat at poker.If they make you raise your eyebrows even a little, then why haven’t you seen this movie yet? Mardock Scramble is, to be blunt, pretty amazing, and this episode just helps it along it’s rainbow patterned, thought provoking way on the path of an anime movie trilogy. I’m anxiously awaiting the next part already xD

Alex’s Score: 9 out of 10 Meeps (Great)

Mimi’s Score: 8 out of 10 Meeps (Very Good)


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