Sword Art Online Episode 11

Morning Dew Girl

With Kirito and Asuna getting married, I didn’t really know which direction this episode would go in. It turns out that the episode is going to give some extra development to Kirito and Asuna, following on from last week where they agreed to get married. After they got married, they got a really nice log cabin on the 22nd floor, and left the front lines for a while, honeymooning together and doing all sorts of fun side quests together. I have to admit that it really captured the whole “RPG” relationship feel, which is what I imagine they’re going for. To be honest, I find that this show is much more like an RPG than an MMO, and that’s partly what makes it so good.

After getting fed up of their honeymooning lovey-dovey activities, Kirito ends up dragging Asuna out to the woods in hunt of ghosts, and end up finding the most bizzare thing of all: a player without a player icon.

After spending a bit of time with this girl, Yui, Kirito and Asuna decide that they have to go and find her parent or guardian, because a girl of that age can’t be left in the world of SAO alone. It’s not long before Asuna and Kirito start acting motherly, though, helping out children in need on the first floor as they hunt for Yui’s family, however, before long, Yui has some sort of reaction with the world of SAO, causing static…just who is the girl without a player icon? Looks like it’ll get explained next week.

I’m really enjoying SAO at this point, actually. I didn’t expect much in the first few episodes, but after seeing it create it’s own world out of nothing, i’m really impressed.


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