Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 24

Closed Off

I…don’t think it’s wise to trust Whist. As Freecell sits in a snowy mountain region, using his awesome new powers to predict the future, he sees Nonoha in all of them, and she features more prominantly than Kaito does. It’s been a rough ride, but at Episode 49 of Phi Brain, it looks like everything’s heading towards one hell of a finale.

Rook and Kaito never fought the Puzzle of God, Rook was released from the rook beforehand. So this looks like it’s the first time we get to play with the Puzzle of God…and after learning that Klondike’s ring wasn’t smashed and just stolen, Freecell’s twisted motives look to be showing themselves. Surely, it isn’t very long afterwards that Nonoha gets herself kidnapped, and Team Kaito is off to rescue her and put an end to whatever Freecell’s up to.

However, it’s uh. Not long afterwards that Nonoha notices that she’s been taken to the Himalaya mountains as a willing guest of Whist and Freecell…and it looks like the reasoning for this is based on their talk in that episode they saved Kaito. However…well, I don’t know if Freecell is out of whack or bipolar. He has a lot of problems, and as Nonoha hands him back that memento she’s been carrying, it’s revealed that it’s a puzzle that even Freecell can’t solve…the puzzle that Freecell wanted to solve with Kaito all that time ago.

And that’s what shows me that something is wrong here. Freecell reverts back to a child when Nonoha shows him what his mother made for him and what she wrote about him…and, well. Nonoha said it better. He hates his mother, but loves her. He’s happy Kaito wants to keep his promise, but doesn’t feel anything about it. He’s trapped in two worlds, and as he constantly digs up memories of his mother with Nonoha, he…he seems almost pitiful.

Before long, my theory that Whist is hardly trustworthy comes into the open. Him and Solitia, Freecell’s mother, sought to create a god…a god to take control of the Orpheus Order and rule the planet. With Kaito having shattered the final ring for good, the showdown of gods, the fight that all the episodes have been leading up to finally getting underway, the creepy episode that shows us what kind of person Freecell really is comes to an end.


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