Rinne no Lagrange S2 Episode 11

Beyond the Seas of Kamogawa

Moid may be a sad, pathetic excuse for a villain, but the finale is still fun!

Our three heroines find themselves separated and lost in the darkness, each attempting to fight against a version of Dizelmine. This is actually the place where Madoka met Yurikano for the first time. With Dizelmine having the upper hand, Madoka gets to the point where she almost gives up, that is until she sees a flashback of Dizelmine and Vilajulio making a pact as friends. She realizes that their friendship is much like hers with Lan and Muginami, and she promptly snaps out of depression after getting hit in the head by her lunchbox. Way to go, lunchbox! The three friends are reunited shortly to have lunch, talk about their future, and kick some Dizelmine butt. Power Puff Girls style.

Meanwhile, Moid finally reveals his intentions to Astelia. Twenty thousand years ago, he witnessed her being forced to open the Rin-ne, betrayed by everyone she trusted. She ultimately lost her mind which resulted in the destruction of the planet. Ever since then, he became obsessed with opening the Rin-ne using himself, but that power never chose him. Now instead, he is forcing Dizelmine to do the same. And for what, you might ask? Er…to hear “the voice?” Okay, whatever that is. His answer doesn’t seem to please Youko, so he receives a nice Falcon punch in the face. YEAH! Best scene in this anime. Ever.

At the end, we see Moid in handcuffs and everyone else praying for Madoka to save the planet. Oh yeah, and Vilajulio gets rescued. See? I told ya he wasn’t going to die. While nothing is surprising here, I still enjoyed the action, visuals, and storytelling. Even the soundtrack gets kicked up a notch, as a handful of songs are the best I’ve heard in this show.

Alright alright, I know a lot of people are unhappy with this episode (I stalk the anime forums from time to time), but really, what did you expect? Rinne has been an absurd show from the very beginning. We saw the most ridiculous thing happen not too long ago when Madoka punched Dizelmine in the stomach, and he was easily forgiven without any regard to the lives lost in the war. So why take it seriously now? It’s just meant to be crazy good fun! Or maybe I’ve lost it….


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