Autumn 2012: Who’s Blogging What?

Again, a post for the archives here. :L

Alex, returning to his throne after the team missed him dearly,  has stolen the best shows this season. Namely, he’s blogging Little Busters, Robotics;Notes and Sword Art Online.

Mimi, currently a drunk hillbilly, is blogging the rather spectacular looking Magi, From the New World, and the stunning K.

Justin, the ladies man, has Code-Breaker and Space Brothers.

Doofus, ever a proper gentleman, has Gintama 3 and Hunter x Hunter.

Liam, shocking everyone with an unusual choice, has chosen to cover Zetsun no Tempest

Dusk, returning after her absence, is Jormungand 2 and PSYCHO-PASS. 

If we’ve missed a show you want us to cover, drop a comment! There are six of us, we can easily manage to do a show by popular demand.


3 thoughts on “Autumn 2012: Who’s Blogging What?

  1. I’ll be happy if the person blogging Little Busters can clear up all the pre-airing hate against LB. I’m just so sick of everybody whining and complaining! Hopefully by blogging Little Busters and clearing up some things, maybe you can change the haters’ perspectives a little, kind of like how My Little Pony became more well-known thanks to Lauren Faust working on it.

    • Sorry that i’m a little late replying, i’ve been having a few internet problems lately.
      What kind of pre-air hate is there, apart from the stupid stuff about how it’s not Kyo-Ani doing it?

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