Space Brothers Episode 24

“The Worst Possible Examiner”

Not really a whole lot to say this episode. It was pretty dull for me, actually. But for a filler episode it wa pretty good. It didn’t really add anything to the story, however, it did introduce a new character. Azuma was apparently the most famous astronaut in Japan before Hibito. Hibito got chosen over him to be the first Japanese person on the moon most likely because he’s more TV friendly. Is it fair? Probably not, and Azuma is understadably jealous of Hibito… Which is kind of sad, since Azuma is Hibito’s hero ._. Hopefully it shows them playing catch on the roof again when the dust clears.

I guess the episode also showcased the contrast in their drive and personalities. Although riding a lawn mower was much simpler than… whatever Hibito was driving, they both had a “just do it” attitude because they didn’t want to read the manual. Luckily for both of them it worked out… Though Mutta could use improvement in his lawn mowing techniques.

Although I wasn’t bored, I would say the series could have done without this episode. Actually, we can never get enough of Appa I suppose ^_^. The next episode should be more interesting since Mutta’s getting interviewed by Azuma… For the first time Hibito being his brother will work against him. But knowing Space Brothers we’ll have another cliff hanger.


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