Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 25 [Final]

Our Basketball

Manly tears… Lots and lots of them! T_T

So yeah, this is a typical shounen anime ending for ya. Kise and Aomine appear evenly matched throughout most of the game, and then they do something very familiar: collide in mid-air (while talking) and end the game at the buzzer, with Aomine barely winning by 12 points. Well actually, to be a true shounen anime ending, it should have been Kise who won (assuming most people were rooting for him), so I give the show credit for being a little less predictable. For once, the guy who tries really hard to win with the right motives doesn’t automatically win.

But who wins or loses isn’t the most interesting part, rather, it’s how they win or lose and what can be gained from it. Kise’s “mistake” is that he attempts to pass the ball to his teammate, which is uncharacteristic of Aomine’s style of basketball. If Kise had stayed in Aomine’s character, he could have won, according to the guy himself. Well you know what? I’m glad he didn’t try to win that way. Cuz you know–Kise and Kuroko have something powerful going on with this teamwork stuff; it’s only a matter of time before they prove it to Aomine and the other self-centered elitists, right? If Kise has to sacrifice teamwork in order to win, then what’s the fun of it? What’s the point? So I’m proud of him for sticking to his guns. FIGHTO! ( o >.< )–O Oh great, now I’m starting to sound really cheesy… *ahem* Moving on…

Of course, what is Kuroko’s Basketball without a cliffhanger ending? We finally catch a glimpse of the last two members of the Generation of Miracles, with the purple-haired sweets addict passing by Kuroko after the game. And what is this “higher level” to Aomine? Urrgh! Second season where?! D:


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