Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 25 [Final]

Release the Infinite Puzzle

Well, previously, I thought this would be the final episode, where either Kaito or Frecell got the God Scrolls and everything, but I guess that since the show’s popular in Japan, it gets another 25 episodes onto it. Are they needed? Well, let’s see how this episode turns out.

The ultimate showdown between Kaito and Freecell starts without any explination of the rules, but it seems to be a super-duper game of tag. It’s actually a rather innocent puzzle, but the simple tricks are the best ones.

With Kaito switching into his ultimate form somehow, bringing back that trademark Red Eye he always had in S1, it became obvious very quickly that this puzzle was actually going to be evenly matched. When you have two gods with equal powers clash, things never end. It’s one of the unwritten rules of gods, and that’s what it looks like this puzzle will do. However, is this what Freecell wants? In a rather emotional “fantasy” of his, he’s back to being a child, the child who was forsaken by Kaito, and the two of them are playing together. Is this what he wants?

As the two of them have a heart to heart talk in the closed world that they’ve created together, Kaito and Freecell reveal their honest feelings, and Kaito shows Freecell that he’s not a strong person after all. It’s cheesy, but when you consider how much Freecell’s motives have been based around Kaito when he was a child, it makes perfect sense, and it’s actually rather touching to see. Freecell’s desperation to keep hold of his closed world, and Kaito’s desperation to bring the other out of the closed world…you actually end up feeling sorry for Freecell.

After the puzzle’s end, Freecell, forsaken by his own world, lost his soul in the ring…and the only person who can reach out to him is Nonoha, the bearer of his mothers pendant. As he’s dragged out of the closed world by Kaito and Nonoha with the pendant puzzle, it looks to be a happy end for everyone. With the puzzle solved and Freecell’s Orpheus Ring smashed, there’s only one person unhappy with this result, and that’s Whist. Whilst I don’t know what Season 3 will be about, it looks like i’ll see you all then!


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