Pokemon: Best Wishes 2! Episodes 6 and 7

The Junior Cup Begins! Dragonite VS Beartic!
Power Battle! Iris VS Hikari!

It’s been a while since the last tournament styled episode, with the last time being the horrible-to-blog Don George tournament, so it’s time for the Junior Cup to get underway. However, what better way to start it than watching Adeku fail to hit on Shirona. Clearly, none…apparantly. After being shouted at by Shooti, they all move on, to allow Langley to arrive, yell at Iris and move on as well. The only rival who hasn’t appeared is Cabernet, and it doesn’t take her very long to appear and cause people trouble.

The tournament starts up with Cattelya of the Unova E4, The Psychic Type, fighting against Shirona and her Garchomp. Even though they did reach a time out, it was still a wonderful battle and something truely enjoyable to watch, even though it may have been a little…uh…over the top? However, as the title indicates, that’s not the highlight of this episode. The highlight is Iris going up against Langley right away, but beforehand, we’ve got a few minor conflicts to resolve. Shooti wipes the floor with Cabernet, Dento takes out his match-up, Satoshi wins that match, Hikari obviously cleans up, and we can finally get on with the highlight of the episode.

Beartic is a pretty strong ice-type, but as we’ve previously seen, that Dragonite is ridiculously strong…batting away Hidden Power like it’s nothing, and even catching a Focus Blast. Refusing to dodge or counter any moves, Dragonite gets itself cased in a thick layer of ice due to taking a pair of Ice Beams head on, takes a Blizzard to the face and knocks Beartic out with a single Thunderpunch. It’s reckless, and it looks a lot like Excadrill did before Iris got through to it…so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens from here on out.

Moving on to the next round, we get a bunch of meaningless match-ups with everyone apart from Hikari and Iris, Shooti sweeps the floor with his Leer to Solarbeam combo, Dento starts his match…whilst Shirona gives Iris advice on how to handle her Dragonite. She does have a Garchomp and all, and they’re known as the strongest of the dragons which aren’t legendary…so I suppose it makes sense. After a pep talk about trusting your trainer, Iris is ready for the next match. However, first we’ve got to watch Dent wipe the floor and Satoshi to win his battle. Time for some girl power!

Obviously, the biggest problem is Iris’s Dragonite. If she can’t control it, then it’s just a super-powered tank without a driver…up against a Mamoswine, the strongest of the Ice-types. But uh. A machochist Dragonite who wants to take Ice Shards and Take Downs to the face…to pull a wrestling move and toss Mamoswine across the field.I think I feel Iris’s frustration here…a Pokemon that’s ridiculously powerful refusing all of it’s orders and doing what it wants to do, which is just to wrestle with the Mamoswine. However, she didn’t actually order it to use Dragon Rush…and I don’t think she knew it even HAD Dragon Rush. I think that’s going to be a very interesting combination in the future episodes, especially if it continues like this.

However, that’s not all that this episode has to offer. It pulls a Dento vs Shootie out of the bag. How does Dento plan to counter this hyped up Superior and Shootie combination? He…doesn’t. He blocks a Solarbeam, but takes a Frenzy Plant to the face and looses the match.


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