Rinne no Lagrange S2 Episode 12 [Final]

Another Day in Kamogawa

Annnd it’s all over! Madoka and her friends sing a happy theme song, the sky fills with flowers, and from there they take their club’s mission on the intergalactic level. To be honest, I expected an ending like this. It suits the theme of show where girl power/friendship prevails, so I have no complaints! I had to laugh when Moid escaped, though. They can’t even keep their eyes on the most wanted man in the universe? Well, at least he gets what’s coming to him. Somehow, he just disappears into pretty pink particles. Might I add that was a very freaky expression he had there?

Here’s what I didn’t expect: A chibi Dizelmine. Like Yurikano (who has also returned), he suddenly becomes younger. How adorable! =^_^=

So yeah, I simply enjoyed the ending; it’s a visual feast for the eyes. Everything gets wrapped up nicely.



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