Review: Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2

Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Season 2

Haha, wow. I remember way back at the start of this show, about 40ish episodes ago, I complained to no end about how ridiculous it was and how it didn’t make sense. I’m sat here, at the end of Episode 50, and the second season’s ending, to tell you just how amazing this show has become, in the hope that at least one of you will watch it and see for yourself that this is a wacky, fun-filled adventure worth enjoying.

The concept of the show is simple, Kaito, the male lead, solves puzzles. At the end of last season, he came close to solving the Gods Puzzle, but stuff happened. This season is a direct continuation, with new baddies and a new plotline in the Orpheus Order and Freecell. The idea of using puzzles as a method of “battling” is ambitious in itself, but this show doesn’t lack ambition, throwing wacky and creative idea after another, be it the motives behind Freecell, the plot itself or even the characters interactions. I’ll get to the characters later, but really, if there was a prize for ambitious shows and creativity, this show would easily take the first prize.

In fact, having so much creativity really works in this shows favour. It uses all of this to create a world, the world of Phi Brain, and it really brings it to life with it’s atmosphere and the characters. Once you get sucked into the atmosphere, the entire show becomes ridiculously fun and enjoyable, so it really is just a matter of hitting the magical point where it absorbs you. Hell, when everything goes in it’s favour, including the absolutely amazing OP, I’d question why it wasn’t using all of this to create it’s own world.

Obviously, in any world, you need something amazing. Phi Brain delivers this in it’s characters. Kaito, the lead character, has previously had 25 episodes of character development behind him, along with Nonoha, taking the role of leading female again. The positions havn’t really changed since the first season, Nonoha’s the supporting female and Kaito’s the lead puzzle-solver. However, the roles aren’t stagnant this time around, as Nonoha gets plenty of development, truely deserving of her role as supporting character. The rest of Kaito’s friends get screentime, but to be honest, it’s a really tiny amount, really pushing them back to backstore characters. No, this time, the best character is, without a doubt, Freecell.

It was going to be hard to top Rook from the first season. He was almost a perfect baddie. So what does this season do? Throw us a psychopath. Insanity is hard to pull off in anime, so when Freecell played the perfect part of an insane lunatic, I was really happy with how well he was handled. He’s the main antagonist for the season, and he’s a really good one. Not because he torments Kaito, though. Because he mentally tortures Kaito and his friends with his crazed rantings, and it becomes a huge plot point to ask what’s real and what’s just one of his lies? Needless to see, he’s handled really well, and is an amazing character in this show, right up until the last moment of the show.

Amazing characters, amazing OP, amazing amounts of creativity and an amazing world are just a few of the things that Phi Brain has going for it at this point. It really is an amazing show, and it’s my hope that more people will see for themselves just how fun it is. It may not be the next Fate/Zero, but it doesn’t try to deliver serious drama or anything, it wants to be a thriller…and I can safely say, as a thriller, Phi Brain excels.

Alex’s Score: 10 out of 10 Meeps (Masterpiece)

Liam’s Score: 10 out of 10 Meeps (Masterpiece)


2 thoughts on “Review: Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2

  1. So, going to bed late today because boring college projects are boring and I felt like reading your review in the meantime.

    Anyway, that 10/10 comming from you on Phi Brain amazed me quite a bit, even more so than the 9 you gave to the previous season, if you by any change remember our conversation about it. I’d heard such bad things about it… However, I do trust your taste quite a bit, so I ain’t sure anymore, specially since from what you worte it seems to have quite the good plot and great main characters. This mihgt just end up in my PTW list, even if it’s simply to clear the doubts your review raised in me.

    After all, I always enjoy a nice thriller, and your review did pretty well in getting me curious and interested in Phi Brain.

    • I think we’ve also spoken about this, but it’s incredibly hard to rank a series which does nothing but make you excited…as you probably know by now. Even if it’s missing some very crucial things, I like to rate it on how I feel about it, and it appealed to my personality and completely sucked me into it’s own world. As such, it fills all my criteria for a 10 xD

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