Pokemon: Best Wishes 2! Episodes 8 & 9

Satoshi, Iris and Shootie! The Final Battles!
The Junior Cup, Site of Partings and Encounters!

With the battle royal continuing, it’s time for some more of Iris and her rather special Dragonite as she goes up against Satoshi in the final semi final event. In that sense, it’s essentially obidence and well trained verses powerful and carefree…or so it appears, as Dragonite starts off the battle by listening to all of Iris’s commands and unleashing it’s powerful Ice Beam and Flamethrower attacks at range to keep Satoshi’s Krokorok on the defensive. It really was a great battle to watch, as both sides appeared to be evenly matched, with the strange revelation of Dragonite suddenly listening to Iris…and as Satoshi looks like he’s loosing, Krokorok evolves into Krookodile to turn the match around, landing a powerful Dragon Claw on Dragonite.

However, Dragonite’s true insolent nature comes up after it gets brutally pounded, doing whatever it wants and pounding the stage with it’s attacks…allowing Satoshi and Krookodile to take advantage of the chaos and finish the match. With Iris all down and beaten up, it takes an intervention from Shirona to cheer her up and tell her what’s really going on with Dragonite. I have a feeling that a trip to the Dragon Village is coming up, but enough of that…it’s time for Shootie to face Satoshi.

I don’t think that the tension in that final match worked very well. It was OBVIOUS just how large the difference between Serperior and Pignite was from the very beginning. It’s like a level 70 against a level 40, there’s a world of difference between them…and Satoshi was never going to beat Shootie.I have very mixed feelings about that, but I suppose it was best that Shootie was going to win in the end. Now the big thing is going to be if Adeku can teach Shootie a lesson, or if Shootie’s going to win and best the champion of Unova in a battle.

The battle of Adeku and Shootie continues into the second episode, and as Bouffalant’s Sap Sipper renders Solarbeam and Frenzy Plant useless, Adeku shows just why he’s the best, finishing the battle in one shot with Head Charge. It’s such an interesting style of battling that Adeku has, and even Shootie accepts that. It’s just a shame that he got thrashed so quickly and easily. One emotional lecture from Adeku later and everyone happily sets off on their journey, with everyone looking forward to meeting again, and Shootie’s arrogance also shattered and his personality defrosted. However…it’s not long until a new trainer and his Riolu appears, completly infatuated with the Pikachu. As Kotetsu, the newcomer with his Riolu arrives with the intention to participate in the Junior Cup, it’s pretty clear that the innocently stupid kid is going to be a new character this time around.

However, that’s not everything for this episode. As Hikari reveals that she’s leaving soon for a new journey and a new contest, there’s time for one final battle between Satoshi and Hikari, the companion from Sinnoh. However, Shirona calls the battle as a draw and calls both of them equals, which is pretty interesting. I wonder if Iris will become that strong by the end of this season, and match Satoshi’s strength perfectly. With Hikari departed and Kotetsu appearing at the last minute, completely mistaken about everything for the Unova league, it’s off to go see the new Water typed gym leader with Kotestu, bringing what’s been the best battling sequence of episodes to an end.


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