Sword Art Online Episode 13

Edge of Hell’s Abyss

Quite an interesting episode.  Kirito’s finally shown to be a selfish guy who didn’t get strong to help anyone, but for himself and nobody but himself at first. Whilst that was to be expected in the end, it’s nice to finally have some confirmation. Speaking of confirmation, we finally find out what happened to all the players of SAO in the real world. It’s only taken us 13 weeks to see what happened to everyone, and a little bit of extra information on Asuna and Kirito in this world, including some very overdue development on why Asuna and Kirito are both the only happy people in the game as was according to Yui last week.
But you know, that aside, what with the episode starting with Kirito’s fishing adventure, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect…but when Heathcliff sends Kirito a message, it’s pretty clear that vacation time is over. Upon going back to the guild, it’s revealed that the boss this time around is a lovely cheater, sealing the area completely and leaving nothing in the room when other people arrived. As everyone appears, forming the biggest party ever to explore a dungeon, including Heathcliff himself, the time for another boss battle is upon us. Whilst Heathcliff and his invincibility skill would work really well with Kirito and his Duel Wielding skill, that’s assuming that the boss doesn’t have some ridiculous skills up it’s sleeve.

As the Skull Reaper surfaces, it’s ability to land an instant KO simply by landing a hit on someone becomes really obvious, as the body count starts flying like a true end of game boss should. Ending things on a horrible cliffhanger, it looks like Sword Art Online is finally back on track after a literal vacation.



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