First Impressions: K


Eye-candy? Bishies? An all-star cast of seiyuu? Count me in!

Now this is a rather interesting project from GoRA, an “innovative creator group” of light novel authors. The anime obviously has a lot of talented people involved, including director and character designer Shingo Suzuki (Mardock Scrambe), and Japanese artist Angela (Fafner, Stellvia OP theme songs)…not to mention all of the seiyuu, with Mamoru Miyano being my favorite! *is super unique* So, we all know that this looks very very very pretty, but what about the story? Is there more to it than beauty?

First we’re introduced to a peculiar party of men walking down the street with a little girl dressed in lolita fashion. Whoever they are, it soon becomes apparent that they are far from ordinary. In their mission to find a certain someone, they engage in a fight of super powers against a group of swordsmen, with giant, ancient swords appearing in the sky. Then the anime skips to the life of a carefree high-school student and his cute little kitten that occasionally turns into a naked woman (uhhh….).

Although the boy seems completely harmless, he finds himself being chased by the gang, only to be saved by a swordsman who wants to take his life  instead. The swordsman reveals himself to be a vassal of the seventh king, here to slay the “evil king.” How could this poor, clueless boy be the evil king? Well, there happens to be a video recording of him calling himself the seventh king right after killing someone. A fake? An evil twin? Multiple Personality Disorder? Who knows.

So yeah, this is crazy and may wind up not making any sense like Guilty Crown. At the very least, it promises to be a delicious treat. I enjoyed the creativity, visuals, and animation in this episode and can’t wait for the war of the seven kings to continue! This is going to be fun to blog. =)


One thought on “First Impressions: K

  1. It will be nice if the Yashiro is the evil one. I mean, villain that “pretend” to be innocent yet actually cruel is just like enemu under the blanket. More dangerous rather than enemy that attack you straightforward.

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