First Impression: Zetsuen No Tempest

Tempest…is very interesting. It’s got Highschool students, fighting, magic, bullies, and even world domination. If you don’t like any of those, or if you do like them, I recommend this anime for you! I’ve been slowly getting back into the anime craze, and this is definitely an anime that makes me want to watch more and more. It’s only the first episode and it left me interested the entire time. Even when I sat there watching it, thinking “The hell…” it made me want to watch more to understand what’s going on better. Though, it definitely was fast paced. With how things are moving along here, I’m sure not many people will like that. Hopefully, things will slow down and they’re just trying to get the ball rolling.

The two main characters are Yoshino, the brunette, and Mahiro, the blonde. Mahiro’s family was murdered a year ago and he’s always seeked revenge on the killer. Since the cops didn’t put much effort in finding him. He supposedly went missing for a month, and no one has a clue where he’s gone. Yoshino seems like a good friend for visiting the graves of his friends family. Though, some girl that I don’t know the name says otherwise. Hmph. Once Yoshino visits the grave, this shady lady goes over to him and then things start getting exciting, and very fast. At least I thought it was.

This is definitely a must try anime. There’s not much to go by from the first episode, but from what it shows, it definitely shows potential. Hopefully things will slow down, because I don’t want to be sitting through this anime not knowing what I’m watching either.


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