First Impressions: Bakuman 3

Bakuman 3

If there’s one word that describes Bakuman, it’s “solid”. Solid drama, solid entertainment and a really interesting view on what it’s like in the world of manga.It’s pretty obvious that the show needs no introduction when it’s at episode 51.

It doesn’t waste any time getting back into the flow of things, as Azuki is auditioning for the role of +NATURAL’s heroine, the rival manga that’s already gotten an anime adaptation  I mean, a lot of the drama this week revolves around that simple fact. Mashiro’s being stubborn and refusing to stop Azuki, and Azuki’s being stubborn and not saying anything, and well… ultimately, the drama only works because of the characters. When the main three fail to deliver, the backing cast delivers and really makes the episode work.

Bakuman comes and delivers yet another solid episode with solid characters and solid drama, with every character moving at their own pace and telling their own story to make the entire episode work. I’m not sure if i’ll be blogging Bakuman’s third season this time around, for the simple reason that there’s just so many good series out there, and everyone already knows how I feel about this show.


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