First Impressions: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

So I guess I walked into this knowing only that the villain Dio Brando is one of the most infamous in manga history, and some guy I know said I’d love it.

The ED theme is Roundabout. From Yes. YES.

The show thus far is basically of the life of Jojo Joestar, who from 12 years of age will have and continue to have large conflict with his adoptive brother Dio Brando, the ultimate tosser. And it has style oozing from it’s pores, this is a show unforgiving in using its strengths. It’s a really solid and entertaining performance for a first episode. No slack in the pace, which generally just works in the shows favor. As far as first impressions go, JoJo’s got a real nice setup going on here. The visuals in particular really suit the 80s feel, simple stuff like distinct colors and pop-up sound effects go a long way.

It’s pretty much straightforward, but there’s some twist coming up with eerie mask featured alongside the Joestar family. Freaky spikes pop out when Dio’s blood spurts on it? We’ve got ourselves something a little more than just the premise coming up. And I hear it gets massively creative as it goes on? Sure, I’ll stick for the ride, this has some serious potential going on.

Kinda odd I never picked up the manga ages ago, but I guess this’ll be a fresh perspective into a classic for once. This’ll be swell. (◡‿◡✿)


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