First Impressions: Magi

Welcome to the land of Arabia, home of Aladdin, where prostitutes, boobs and tentacle monsters fit right at home! It wasn’t serious or dark, but I fell straight in love with the first episode of Magi.

Be it the theme, the setting and the stunning animation that looks like it’s come straight from a film all bringing the Arabian Nights to life once more, not the Disney version, but the darker version of it. With taboo’s like slavery and women for sale mentioned so early on, it doesn’t take a genius to notice that this isn’t going to be happy-go-lucky after all. Then there’s Aladdin himself, a cute kid who looks like he’s gone straight out of a shota and his ability to love boobs of all sort, male or female. Alibaba, the cowardly blond who has big ambitions and then the djinn that Aladdin befriends right at the start.

I mean, the episode had some bad comedy, and at some parts it tried too hard, but when it wanted to be good it really was execptional, and the rest of the time it was just great. Looks like love at first sight is possible :3


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