First Impressions: Sukitte Ii na yo.

Say “I Love You”.

Meet Mei Tachibana, a lonely high-school girl who has a white cat named Marshmallow instead of a boyfriend. Now throw in the most popular guy in school and watch, as his magic kiss transforms her menacing glare into shock and wonder. Ahhh so dreamy~

Granted, this doesn’t revolutionize the romance genre, but I enjoyed it much more than say, Kimi ni Todoke or Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. Finally, a romance where the main character doesn’t lapse into chibi-mode every five seconds, among other silly expressions. That makes all the difference in why I prefer Sukitte Ii na yo over many shoujo/romance coming out lately. It takes itself seriously and gets right to the point! Okay, maybe I’m just a grumpy ‘ol troll who needs more comedy in her life, but that’s my personal preference for ya.

My favorite couples in anime all have something compelling about them, be it a forbidden relationship or cool career (actor, singer, mad scientist, etc). That being said, I don’t find the main couple here to be particularly interesting. They’re just your average high school kids so far. I’m also eight years older than Mei, so I no longer identify with this type of setting. But! I will admit that I’m a sucker for soap operas. If it’s anything like Mars where the girl almost gets her hand smashed by a rock because the jealous girls can’t stand her, or the guy turns out to be a psychopath, then I’ll get really excited. For now, though, I don’t mind settling for sweet and down-to-earth.

Sadly…the guy is not my type at all. What the heck kind of a hairdo is that? *sigh* At least Mei looks cute when she wants to be. The animation is also pretty decent, for you can see the individual hair-strands flowing in the wind, which again puts Little Busters to shame this season. ^^!

Since Alex is blogging Magi now, I will most likely write about this unless another show steals my attention in the subsequent seven days…



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