K Episode 2


Our white-haired prankster friend, wanted for a crime that he may have committed, continues to be pursued by the bishie swordsman. Much of this episode reminded me of Elmer Fudd chasing after Bugs Bunny. The poor bishie swordsman gets tricked into believing that the guy’s pretend sister has a terrible illness, only to be thrown into visual hallucinations and running into a brick wall. They chase each other for hours until they finally exhaust themselves the next morning. And what do they do at the end? Give up and have a scrumptious breakfast together!

Yeah, this is only getting sillier, but the comedy works for me because the bishie swordsman takes everything waaay too seriously. Despite he looks tough, he can be rather sentimental and gullible (aww~!). I even experienced the rare occasion of laughing when he wiped the markings off his face but still had some left over on his eyelids. With the addition of beautiful visuals and piano music, this is a show that I can really relax to and enjoy. By the way—I love that guy’s bedroom with the flower pattern moving across the walls. I wish I had something like that…

The only thing I don’t care for is the naked woman. Why can’t she just remain a cute little kitten? *sigh* There’s also no plot development here. What ever happened to the red-headed guy who got captured at the end of episode one? Where exactly are they going with this, anyway? Guess we’ll find out next week~


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