First Impressions: Robotics;Notes


In the not so distant future, on the world line 1.048598, another sci-fi adventure is starting. After the amazing success of Steins;Gate, Robotics has a big footstep to follow in, and I hope for god that it’s 2-cours so that it doesn’t end up like Chaos;Head. With all these expectations and problems weighing heavily on my mind, it’s time to give this a whirl.

Well, you know. It’s not a show about adults, so I was rather worried that they’d go overboard and make it rather stupid. They actually managed to show a school setting in action and a school setting that didn’t suck, at that. The characters have a quirk that makes them likeable, and there’s plenty of room for development. The plot is ambitious and open, and there’s a lot they can do with this now. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, everything depends on how long this manages to become. It may not have had the gripping start that Steins;Gate had, but it definitely had that feeling to it…that feeling which I can’t wait to see again next week.



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