Magi Episode 2

The Second Night: Dungeon Suite

Aha! God, I love a good adventure show. With the duo entering the dungeon at the start of the episode, it’s time for Ali Baba to actually do something…fight off green bugs made of slime with a little dagger! It’s got loads of odd little tit-bits, like the downside of summoning Ugo, how he fights and why Aladdin is a great damsel in distress. You don’t even need a female for this duo! The chemistry between the two of them is still pretty basic, but it’s really fresh and enjoyable.

I mean, it’s not a secret that I don’t like stereotypical evil guys, but I think that the Shariff really helped this episode. He’s your typical “evil slaver owner”, but when he spoke to Aladdin, he called him the Magi, and further helped the relationship between Aladdin and Ali Baba, especially when Ali Baba “died” on the way to the Gate of Truth. We also get a proper introduction to the pink haired female, and i’m really interested to see how she develops and escapes from her “invisible chains”.

Then there was that gate. I know I shouldn;t, but I got such strong FMA vibes from it. A gateway to ancient secrets or some sort…it’s so purist and captures the spirit. Accompanied with the astounding visuals and soundtrack, the second episode of Magi was actually better than the first.


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