Sword Art Online Episode 15


Okay, SAO is stepping into dangerous territory here. This episode introduces who, judging from the OP and ED, will be replacing Asuna as the female main character…and it’s none other than Kirito’s “sister”. I honestly think it’s better that I flat out don’t talk about this. She’s nice motivational support to move Kirito from Point A to Point B now that he’s in the real world, but I don’t think she should be anything more.

With the game ending, Asuna and 300 other people just haven’t woken up. Nobody knows why or what’s stopping them apart from the creator, Kayaba, who’s vanished and can’t be found. Thanks to the SAO Incident Task Force of the Government, Kirito managed to find Asuna’s hospital room and has been visiting every day for the last two months. But hey, wait! Time for a little bit of forced drama! This guy who Kirito’s never seen before is going to suddenly marry Asuna in her coma next week, and he doesn’t seem to like Kirito because Kirito’s the main character! Jeez, that really ruined the episode.

With the episode ending when Kirito gets a picture of someone who looks a lot like Asuna from Egil inside an email with the words “New Game” inside them, it doesn’t take a genius to know what’s coming next. To be honest, this episode of Sword Art Online was as flaky as the ideas that it’s trying to stand on, marrying a coma patient, cousin love and what will probably be another nerve-gear game, the bad, forced parts of the episode overshadowed the really good parts and it’s a crying shame.


One thought on “Sword Art Online Episode 15

  1. I agree with you. But I’m still going to hope that this arc is a lot better than the last one.

    The hair sniffing was so out of place though. There should have been a better way to show how bad Sugou is.

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