Shin Sekai Yori Episode 3

False Minoshiro

Now that the new anime season has finally shown us everything, I can say with confidence that Shin Sekai Yori is my favorite of them all. The advantage of slow development here is that it allows for a gradual immersion into this creatively constructed, enigmatic world of psychic powers and supernatural creatures. The first three episodes have generated so many interesting questions that I’m already hooked to find out all the answers.

Next flashback:  A small group of assassins sacrifice their lives to kill the Emperor of Delight. Although fascinating, it’s surprising that they succeeded without having any powers… And I love the art style of this scene, which is different from the previous two episodes.

What starts as an ordinary camping trip for Saki and her friends turns into something rather extraordinary. Satoru tells of another horror story that if you bump into a creature called “False Minoshiro,” you will die soon after. Somehow, they decide it’s a great idea to research that for their next project! And to do so, they break another rule by venturing too far out of the area. It doesn’t take long for them to actually discover the creature, which looks strangely horrific and beautiful at the same time. It hypnotizes everyone on the spot except for Saki because she is wearing glasses, so she is the only one in the group who can capture it. What is a little surprising to me is that she doesn’t hold back at all, even threatening to rip all its tentacles out. Very aggressive Saki. o_O

So, the False Minoshiro turns out to be a biological library containing 980 petabytes of memory. Woah. The episode leaves off at a cliffhanger where Saki is about to ask it a question. Uh oh. They could find out about anything, it seems. And let’s not forget Satoru’s story. If it’s true, then they might die, leaving Saki to be the sole survivor… This just keeps getting happier and happier, doesn’t it? The next episode might give us some answers (and more questions, probably), so I’m definitely excited for that.

One last thing I’ll mention here is that I like the relationship growing between Saki and Shun. It seems that he also has feelings for her. The boat scene where they’re floating over a sea of stars is really cute. Way to go, Shun! You really know how to be romantic and win a girl’s heart. ^_~



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