Code:Breaker Episode 2

The Blue Flowers Blooming on a Spiral of Flames

Sorry for the late post – I’m in the middle of mid terms. It also appears this episode doesn’t have a title after 30 minutes of searching… Someone edit it for me if you happen to find it!

Anyway, so now we get a little glimpse into why Sakura didn’t burn last week. Turns out, she “can’t burn” for some reason… Guess we’ll get a glimpse in what’s to come in the next few episodes. We also learn that Rei is a pure psychopath and is relying on Sakura not realizing she can’t burn. I guess he figures if he scares her enough she’ll stop following him around… But we all know that’s not going to happen.

That whole bit about “killing is wrong no matter what” was actually pretty boring to me. Sure, we got to see the characters ideals but this has been done time and time again. The formula is boring, and even though the characters are interesting, I don’t know if I can stand to listen to them argue about killing bad people being right or wrong. The story is told from Sakura’s perspective, but I’m not sure her amazing philosophical prowress is going to sway Rei anytime soon… Eh, guess it beats high school drama.

Despite my complaints I did enjoy this episode just as much as the last. Rei kind of trolled Sakura which was pretty hilarious. Rei doesn’t really have a problem burning anyone, including innocent people. He’s kind of like Dexter in how he tries to justify killing people by killing “bad” people or people who will get in the way of his justice. I wonder if the series will make him out to be a megalomaniac like Light Yagami… Time will tell.


One thought on “Code:Breaker Episode 2

  1. Edited with the title. What would you do without me…

    Anyway, I think Sakura is actually quite the nice female lead. Sure, she’s not great. Sure, this kind of clash of ideals has been done time and time again. But Code;Breaker didn’t seem like the type of series that’d want to innovate that much in the first place. At least she’s not annoying and Rei is pretty cool. Whether or not this series succeeds, is, in my perspective, only dependent of how both main characters will develop from now on. Speaking of which… Wouldn’t it be great if instead of Sakura changing Rei we’d see Rei changing Sakura? ;D (Pretty sure that won’t happen, though. Kantian morality is a must-have in shounen series…)

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