Robotics;Notes Episode 2

Because of Dreams, Hopes and Passion

Without enough money to make a huge robot, and with their budget in danger, the duo ends up trying to revive the club’s mascot robot, and needing to repair the worn out battery, the duo…goes to the local scrap exchange to see if they can obtain it, yet failing.

It’s mostly a little sub-quest on how the duo works together with their own, uh, “strengths” to get the shifty Doc character to hand over the parts for Tanegashi Machine-San Advance, and when it’s fixed, the duo spend a day in an empty school corridor trying to get the robot to work how they want it to.

However, the end of the episode was really fascinating, especially the part about the Elephant-Mouse Syndrome. 5 minutes of time accelerated would probably completely take people out. Whilst nothing much actually happened, the way that they’d introduced the characters and handled the story is really well done, and it’s providing a solidly enjoyable experience so far, with a few hints at just what’s going to come in the future.


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