Little Busters! Episode 3

I Like Cute Things, you See

I wish that shows would stop doing this to me. “Oh, i’m not blogging you anymore.” “Here, have a really fun episode to make up for it!”

If you understood my rambling, this episode of Little Busters was actually really fun, with the slapstick humour appearing to have improved a little bit. Focusing on getting the final four members of their baseball team, they focus on Kurugaya appearing this week. Whilst she may be a Mary Sue, she does her job of being perfect pretty well, and I feel that she’s a pretty good addition to the team, not being afraid to point out that Riki’s moe AND male, and although she has a katana with her, she’s got the most edgy sense of humour in the group, a really welcome addiction to the lowbrow humour the others have. She may be mean and cruel to Riki, but she likes cute things, after all.

…but uh, I can’t help but think i’m enjoying this for the wrong reasons. I respect that some animes would much rather tick all the boxes for the routes in a VN rather than focusing on one, but this almost feels like a direct adapation from the VN, doing everything all the time. It doesn’t help that i’m not really convinced about Little Busters yet, either. I’m told that this gets really good, but…is it just a slow burner, or have they failed to light the candle in the first place?


3 thoughts on “Little Busters! Episode 3

  1. For Little Busters, they need to do all the routes. They all tie into the main story.

    The best and last route is called Refrain, and THAT is what makes Little Busters the masterpiece that it is. It isn’t said to be better than Clannad: After Story for no reason.

    The overall tone of Little Busters is more light-hearted than previous Key works, so I guess you could say it’s a slow burner, but the candle has certainly been lit. J.C. Staff is doing an extremely faithful adaptation. With Komari’s route starting in the next episode though, this is where fans of the VN start to worry.

    For spoilerific reasons I can’t explain, adapting the girls’ routes is necessary, but it’s going to be hard. There are… elements that you don’t notice in the VN format, that would be EXTREMELY obvious in anime format. And in order to appreciate Refrain to the fullest, the viewer should be able to notice that something is… off, without knowing what exactly is happening.

    • I appreciate that you’re not spoiling anything, I really do :3

      So by doing all the routes, are they going to move onto the Revise route at the end, or do the routes all have a separate ending ala Clannad After’s endings.

      • They SHOULD (unless JC screws up terribly) do all the girls’ routes and then move onto Refrain, it’s just a matter of adapting all the girls routes without spoiling Refrain. It mostly has to do with whether or not they will adapt the girls’ routes in an omnibus format or in a continuous format.

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