Sword Art Online Episode 16

Land of the Fairies

After what can only be called a lackluster episode and a half’s break, Sword Art Online is back to doing what it does best: fantasy worlds and games.  With little to no explanation on the major plot points (Where does Kirito still have Nervegear and why didn’t the Government take them, Why is Kirito so okay to enter another MMO after last time, why is Asuna in ALfheim Online), we go straight back into the fantasy worlds, leaving the viewer to figure these things out for themselves. Okay…at least they found a good reason to let Kirito be god-tiered – his save from SAO conflicted, and as such, he kept his items (although they’ve all become victims of a bug and crashed), his skills and his stats, along with his very own Navi!

That’s right, Yui’s proper purpose in the story is finally revealed, where she takes the role of Kirito’s Navi, the annoying pixie who buzzes around you going “Hey, Hey, HEY!” all the time and never shuts up. Eh. I suppose some people liked her, and i’m sure she’ll have proper use in the future. Ultimately  whilst it was good and all, with Fairy Kirito and the new people appearing  Sword Art Online should be doing MUCH better than it is right now, with it constantly dipping and failing from time to time, it doesn’t actually have all that many episodes left to spend…so I really hope they know what they’re doing. But yes, I do appreciate that in terms of introduction episodes, it was pretty good.


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