Gaming Review: Saya No Uta

Happy Halloween, gaming fans! I’m going to be pretty darn busy around Halloween itself, so I got my horror fix out the way for this way already…and it came in the form of a small little VN from Nitroplus, called Song of Saya. Innocent name, right? Well…i’m not easily scared, yet I had trouble sleeping the night after reading this. My only advice to you is to dim the lights and shut the curtains when reading this, because it’s creepy…creepy as hell.

Through a life changing incident, the main character of this story has brain damage to a strong degree, making him percieve the world as something different to what it really is, and because of his inner craziness and madness, he sees the world as a place of blood and guts, and this applies to all his senses; his sight, his smell, his hearing…and so forth. Whilst it has been done time and time again, I can safely say that I didn’t mind seeing this cliche’d setting returning to the screen, because of the amazing writing style and gripping story that pulls the plot along. Anyway, in his screwed up world, the only person who he sees as normal is someone calling themselves Saya, an innocent little girl.

Normally, i’d complain about how it’s overly dark and how it forces things onto the viewer, but I just got the impression that it didn’t really matter this time. It delivered it’s short little story with style and flair that can teach any writers a thing or two, and that’s all that I need to see. Saya No Uta is short, by the way. Clocking in at about 4-6 hours total, and even then it manages to fit a few sex scenes into it. Eh…they’re kind of unnecessary. Whilst they do help to deliver the gruesome social commentary that the game is trying to push forward, and help to show you how psychologically damaged people are inside, I just don’t really feel that they needed to be included into the game, and that’s actually my only problem with it. I don’t like unnecessary sex scenes.

Saya No Uta is something that’s actually very hard to talk about. People claim it’s the best game of all time, that the story is the darkest thing ever written, and some say that’s its just screwed up…and I don’t really have anything to say against them. It’s brilliant, to put it bluntly. It’s a story of love between two people in two different worlds, love between a monster and an animal, and something that explores the inner psyche or brain disorder victims. It’s an utterly fantastic visual novel thanks to the art, the writing, the music and the plot, and something that you simply HAVE to read if you’re a fan of horror.


One thought on “Gaming Review: Saya No Uta

  1. Heck, I have this in my laptop for about 6 months now, yet I haven’t read it. I think I really should though. Specially after your review.
    This is exactly what I’ll dedicate myself to after finishing Pokémon BW2.

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