Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 3

When You Trust People…

Apparently, Yamato is so handsome that he can’t even walk down the street without girls going gaga over him and getting approached by an agent. Just what is so appealing about this scrawny kid who got his hair cut in the dark? But I digress… xD

For their first date, Yamato and Mei tag along with one of his friends and girlfriend (Aiko) to the bowling alley. Right away, you can tell that Aiko just doesn’t like Mei. She even confronts her during the game to leave Yamato since there are far better girls out there for him. Plus, they once had sex (surprised?). Mei becomes easily disheartened and dashes out into the rain, causing her prince to chase after her.

Once they catch up, Yamato takes her to his middle school, showing the spot where he punched his fist through the wall. What I really liked about this scene was their heart-to-heart, honest discussion of how they view themselves and each other. Yamato reveals that he was the kind of guy who would blend into any crowd just so he wouldn’t get targeted by bullies. Even when his best friend was bullied, he couldn’t stand up for him. While it’s nice to know that the oh-so-popular and gorgeous Yamato isn’t perfect, I hope that’s not the most exciting story he has…

Jumping back to Aiko, it looks like she’s going to be an interesting adversary for Mei. What I mean by “interesting” is all the ugly drama that might follow her motives (remember, I love soaps). She’s the type of girl who tries to please her boyfriends with good looks and sleeps around for comfort. Yamato once provided her that comfort and was the first to recognize her “beauty” without any makeup, so she’s not about to lose him to a hesitant, “unattractive” girl like Mei. The drama fangirl in me is looking forward to her plans and how the targeted couple will deal with it. At the same time, I’m expecting some good character development for all of them. Let the drama begin?


5 thoughts on “Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 3

  1. Yamato still conforms to a certain crowd, and hasn’t stopped doing that. Basically, he likes Mei for being a badass/rebel in comparison to him.

    I wonder how long this Aiko stuff will last, because I get the vibe that you she will lose, and very badly at that. If that really is going to happen, I hope she gets owned in the next 2 episodes, as I wouldn’t want this to last too long.

    This is a minor quip, but I find it weird that so many of the bullies in the show find Mei unattractive. She is the most attractive to me, with good hairstyle and character design.

    • I know right? This show has it completely backwards when it comes to levels of attractiveness. =P And yeah, it’s not a matter of “if” Aiko will lose but “when.” Still, I’m interested to see what ploys will be used against this unlikely couple.

      • Am I a jerk for actually having taken a liking to Aiko and thinking she is right to some degree? (Besides the whole dating a guy she doesn’t care the least bit about thing. But the guy is way more stupid, going along as he knows he’s being used anyway.)

        Despite being shown is past, I still couldn’t care less about Yamato. Mei’s cool though, despite having some annoying reactions at times. And yeah, to agree with you both, she’s way more attractive than pretty much all the other girls in the series…

        Anyhow, I’m enjoying each episode a little less than the last one, so I think I’ll end up not liking this show if it keeps up with this kind of drama. Seems quite overblown to me. It has begun to be full of the type of reactions and emotions I completely fail to identify with.

    • Agreed there. Maybe I shouldn’t have stated that she would “lose”, because she doesn’t really have a chance. She is somebody with huge issues that needs help to realize that what she is doing is self-destructive.

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