K Episode Episode 4

Knock-On Effect

Another fun-filled adventure with Yashiro and the bishie swordsman! Honestly, the main reason why I enjoy watching these two so much is because they act like a quirky married couple. Yashiro even refers to him as his “wife” for cooking lunch. How can that not make a yaoi fangirl squeal? Gawd, I feel so immature… ^_^

Anyways! Now they go to school together, somehow able to convince the teacher that the vassal of the seventh king is a transfer student. Among all the usual hijinks, Yashiro still tries to prove his innocence by gathering evidence that he was somewhere else near the time of the crime. Luckily, his friend pulls through and says that they were together. Buuut when he returns home and finds a bloody t-shirt in his closet, he is convinced otherwise. I guess the most plausible theory now is that he was either possessed or has a split personality, followed by amnesia…

There’s not as much focus on the clans this time, but they finally locate Yashiro’s school. I’m looking forward to that encounter!

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3 thoughts on “K Episode Episode 4

  1. The reason you’re enjoying this show is exactly the reason I’m not enjoying. Interesting how we have such similar tastes regarding some things yet so diverging ones regarding others xD
    With each episode I feel more and more like dropping this, yet I have made it my life goal to finish every anime I start. Meaning I won’t drop it. On other qualm I have with this is how little happens in each episode. It’s even kind of boring. At least the last scenes where Shirou finds the t-shirt were actually interesting for once. In spite of how predictable it was that he’d be more involved than a simple misunderstanding.

      • Well, it isn’t bad, that’s for sure. But to be honest it isn’t exactly amazing either. The character designs are totally not my type, and while the animation is really good, that low saturation palette doesn’t really appeal to me. But don’t mind my ramblings. Until I come to the end and can judge it objectively regarding to the relevance of characters in the story or the consistence of the plot, everything I say is highly subjective anyway. I’m just glad at least you’re enjoying it^^

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