Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 4

They Have Scars

You guys were right; Aiko isn’t really Mei’s adversary, just a very troubled girl. In fact, she hardly sparks any drama at all in this episode. Most of it focuses on yet another “friend” of Yamato’s, who doesn’t take kindly to the new couple. Although popular, Hayakawa is still jealous of Yamato’s popularity and sleeps around with different girls to maintain it. He insists on meeting Mei, so the three of them go out to eat. As soon as Mei is left alone with Hayakawa, he tries to recruit her as a friend with benefits. Good for her for deleting his number and leaving the restaurant, though she could have at least texted Yamato. Then again, I’m glad to see a new side to Yamato, in which he becomes very upset/protective and punches the jerk. Woo! When Hayakawa goes crawling back to Aiko to tell her what happened, even she’s surprised.

From there, I thought that Hayakawa and Aiko would team up to harm their relationship. But it turns out they aren’t particularly friendly, as he picks on her weaknesses regarding her weight loss and the scars left on her body. Mei conveniently overhears everything and calls him disgusting to his face. Once again, I love how strong she is becoming. She also stands up to Aiko this time, admitting that she admires her and wants to change herself, yet she won’t lose to her. Aiko’s reaction? She simply admits defeat and calls her and Yamato a couple of idiots. Yeah, totally not what I was expecting. Instead, I mainly got a warm and happy feeling from this episode, like when Yamato gets them matching bracelets and they kiss each other’s hands. Yamato may be a little boring by himself, but together with Mei, I find them quite enjoyable and sweet to watch.

Oh, and finally….a random classmate admits that Mei is cute! o__o


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