Shin Sekai Yori Episode 5

A Sweltering Night on the Run

It’s fun to see a show you like drawn in different ways. The new character designs and attention to background detail are nice; however, the animation is nowhere near the quality of the previous episodes, causing the characters to look a little off. Still, I can’t help but appreciate the show’s range of artwork. As long as it doesn’t change too often, it won’t hinder my enjoyment.

So the monk goes down with the blowdog, leaving the children defenseless against the queerats. In their decision to make a run for it, Saki and Satoru get separated from the others and are eventually captured. A very surprising scene here is when Satoru makes a sexual move towards her. Referring back to what the minoshiro said, people will turn to physical intimacy when stress builds up between them. It seems that Satoru doesn’t have it together like we might have thought. Saki is actually willing to give herself to him with that in mind. They don’t get very far, however, as they find an opportunity to escape captivity. A strange voice calls out to them to follow.

Next thing they know, they’re inside of a queerat’s nest with a queerat who can speak their language. Unlike the others, he is very polite. He goes on to explain that his colony is at war with another one, and he introduces them to the grotesque boob monster that is their queen. I…don’t really understand why the queen almost eats him, but thanks to Saki’s intervention, he survives. Then he makes a request for the children to help them win this war. Enemy queerats invade the colony, causing them to run for their lives once more.

I really enjoyed this episode for the adventure and sprinkle of surprises. I certainly wasn’t expecting Saki and Satoru to act so close, considering how much they used to argue. I wonder what became of the others and how they will get their powers back…


2 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori Episode 5

  1. Yeah, the animation wasn’t as good as the previous episodes, and the directing was all over the place, but to be honest, what bothered me the most was really the art. I mean, I appreciated the change in backgrounds and the switch to a more abstract style, as the contents of the episode are actually enhanced, rather than hurt by that. But I hated the change in character designs. If there’s something that’s supposed to be consistent, that is the characters, and the fact that they looked taller and older even made me ponder is there had been a timeskip of sorts at first. And it’s even more unneeded considering they’re going back to the old style in the next episode. It didn’t ruin the episode for me, since the content was pretty good as always, but it did make me enjoy it less.

    I found the intimacy scene very awkward but it does make sense. Possibly, while we hadn’t been shown that, that’s how they usually acted, since that’s what they were taught. Also, forgive me if I misinterpreted your words, but I didn’t think Saki was “willing to give herself to him” due to understanding his thoughts because of the minoshiro’s words. Rather, I think if she hadn’t heard it, she’d be perfectly ok with that, and she only stopped due to said words.

    The queen almost ate him because he screwed up and burned the tent. Like it usually happens in oppressive societies. I guess it was meant to show how different the queerats are from this age’s humans For Saki and Satoru this is shocking, probably even more than the fact that they’re at war, because they’d never even think of hurting another being of the same species (a huge taboo in their society, as seen last episode), let alone one they were acquainted with (same colony in queerat’s case).

    I have the feeling (though this paragraph is pure speculation) that they haven’t exactly lost their powers. If all changes to society were made based on scientific facts, I don’t buy all this reliance on mysticism. I think it’s only a kind of mental conditioning. Yet one more. Especially when you can draw a parallel with how religion works nowadays. A very powerful form of psychological conditioning. So my guess is they only think they’ve lost their Cantus. Therefore, they won’t even try to use it, and even if they do, their subconscious is going to be screaming “You can’t!” at them, and they probably won’t be able to use them all the same. So I simply think they’ll eventually find out about such trick or overcome it in some other way.

    Also, Satoru was amazing in this episode. It’s nice to know he can actually back up all of his arrogant claims with competence once need arrives.

  2. Dang, that’s some comment you wrote, Dusk. I really want to see this show, but my laptop’s sound quality sucks, and I don’t like watching anime with bad sound quality. Guess I’ll have to wait until Thanksgiving break.

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