Sword Art Online Episode 17

Captive Queen

You know, I don’t really want to waste any more time blogging about Kirito’s harem growing more and more. There are just so many plot holes and so many problems growing by this point that its not funny anymore, and it’s just plain ridiculous. I mean, where to start…

Leafa should have recognized Kirito instantly, considering how she’s OBVIOUSLY Kirito’s cousin., and it’s hardly a secret that Kirito is just his online alias. She should have asked way more questions about how this guy, who’s clearly a noob, was able to dispatch those warriors so easily.  Yui should never have come back if she was just going to be like this, a stupid version of Navi. Asuna should never have become the damsel in distress, considering she was such a good character. The new villain is plain terrible, with no proper motives or thoughts behind anything. He’s just flat out stupid.

And this is JUST to talk about the latest episode. There are SO many problems that this show has been slowly prodding for a while now, and now that my time is cut short, I don’t feel remotely like wasting my time on this anymore.


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