Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 5

Yoshida Family Matters

As afraid as I was Tonari would somehow lose its charm from the first few episodes, I must yet again rejoice at the fact that it isn’t.

In this fifth episode, we once again get pretty interesting character development, on top of some revelations about Haru, his family and his past. And also about how the hell does he goof of so much and still has all those 100s xD It seems he was studying all the time, despite not attending school. And as it usually is so, time is much better used by studying home. Of course the guy has to have some intelligence, but knowing things ahead is really useful.

However, despite revealing this to Shizuku, Haru still doesn’t want his past touched. That said, Shizuku ends up learning about it from Yuuzan, who comes talk to her at the end of the school day. His intentions are hard to grasp, and Shizuku is definitely wary of that, specially knowing how scared Haru seems to be of him. But her curiosity towards Haru’s past was sure to win her over, as she hurries Yuuzan to talk about him, since that’s what he came there for anyway. However, he seems more interested in talking about food instead. Of course his plan isn’t to tell a sweet story to Shizuku, but to attract Haru there, which he does pretty skillfully. But really, it was a treat to watch Haru, who always runs form his older brother without exception, run towards him instead. All for Shizuku^^

As lovely as his attitude is in that regard, he still doesn’t feel like telling her everything. On the other hand, Yuuzan does give Shizuku a briefing in the subject. It seems Haru’s father is quite the strict guy and put him out when he stopped going to middle school. However, now that he’s back at school and doing well, he wants him back in his grasp. Yuuzan was supposed to bring him back, but is giving him a chance if he promises to continue going to school. Of course Haru now does love school, so it’s not a hard thing to promise. My question is, Yuuzan actually seemed like a good guy here. Despite his creepiness and weird means to obtain his goal, it seemed to be an act of kindness. However, Haru totally holds a grudge against him. In fact, even Yuuzan admitted Haru hates both him and their father. So, how is Yuuzan really like? Will we get to know, or was he just here to shake Haru and Shizuku’s relationship by revolving over past issues? I bet on the former, and hope that I’m right.

By the end of the episode, Haru does open up a little more to Shizuku regarding his past, but one can’t help but notice how he only tells the happy things, seeming to be purposefully avoiding addressing the things that scarred him. That is definitely generating quite the tense atmosphere between them, but is definitely interesting to watch.

The one and only other issue worth noting this episode was the class rep. (yes, I know not her name and am not in the mood to check it now). She definitely fell in love with Haru. And I understand. The guy defended her from those bullies, is honest and straightforward but also really kind. Not to mention he’s gorgeous too. Either way, the being the first person to say that she was kind in a long time… Well, that kind of stuff always has way too much impact. By the end of the episode, Shizuku seems to notice this developing feeling in the class rep.’s heart.

I usually dislike love triangles, but heck, Tonari has been doing lots of things I usually dislike well, so let’s just hope this won’t be to melodramatic and see what’s in store.

P.S.: That preview, oh, that preview… It was hilariously awesome. A type of ridiculous genius. Stupidly fantastic.


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