Little Busters! Episode 5

To Find What I’ve Lost

You know, i’m not a fan of talking about spoilers. This episode moved at a really fast pace for a drama, presenting situations which other shows would probably take at least two and possibly even three episodes to show off. We get two emotional moments with Riki and Komari, and a psychotic break from the most unexpected of things. I don’t really want to say anything more about the ending of the show, or the plot points of the show for this episode, though…i’m still not sure how i’ll deal with spoilers. I might change the colour of them to blend into the background or something. Highlight the text if you want to read it :L

I’ll give this a try. The big spin at the end where Komari had her mental breakdown was something rather interesting, seeing as it was caused by a dead cat. Does this mean that she’s flat out afraid of death? I don’t think so. I think that the episode and the flashback was orientated towards showing how she’d created a new “reality”, forgetting all about her past, because if she remembers, she becomes “sad” and switches “personalities”. It’s all a bunch of my conjecture at this point, but what with the hug on the boat and that lot, i’m wondering if she’s replaced her dead brother with Riki in her mind…in which case, things could become pretty interesting when her inner mentality unwinds.

Annnd spoilers over. Let me know what you think of that, because whilst i’m not one for conjecture and theories, I think that Little Busters has started to show why it’s got such a huge fanbase.



2 thoughts on “Little Busters! Episode 5

  1. actully this routh is 3 episodes it started in episode 4 with they was go to the old pepoles house and will cover the remain unexplained things of this routh in the next episodes so it was take 2 episodes to show off and the third will end it. also i agree this episode was move in fast pace even they showed almost all the scences from the game routh which is the date the shooting stars abd the breakdown unlike the last episode this one was fast pacedand komari breakdown actully was not build well since they was miss one importend scence before it.

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