Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 4

Firstly, I’d like to state that I live in New Jersey, and was hit with “The Perfect Storm/Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy” I just got power back, practically yesterday. Since, Wednesday morning we got it back, but we had a mandatory evacuation for a Nor’easter that brought a blizzard. So I just got home yesterday, after a week and a half of sleeping on a couch at my grandparents house with no power. There’s no damage to my house, luckily since we’re on a hill. The only thing we lost was a car and all the food in our fridge. Tons people in my town lost everything.

While on the subject of this, if you live in the US, and your state has donations for disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy, please donate anything you can. A lot of people in New Jersey, and New York really need clothing, food, water and the like.

I’ll get back on track with the latest episodes soon enough, though!


The Cursed Pair

This episode takes a nice break from all the action, as they retreat to a country house to eat, and relax. But before that, a fruit thing appears, and the iron metal syndrome commences! Two young boys caused Yoshino to be upset. As he failed trying to save them, or anyone. To be exact. Once they look for a place to retire as a rainstorm comes by, Mahiro crashes into somebodies place and immediately  goes for a bath. Yoshino apparently has a problem with using someone else’s bath, but not their kitchen. Whaa. Pervy little Yoshino walks in on Mahiro as he gets un-dressed and all I can think of at this point is gay. It doesn’t really help that he goes to the kitchen to make dinner, either.

As Yoshino is making dinner, he talks to Hakaze about his past, and his relationship to Mahiro. Which is quite interesting. Since he wanted nothing to do with the rich, scary child. He was kinda forced to talk to him, without much say and has to deal with whatever Mahiro wants him to do, which in this case, track down the person that attempted to kill him. Poor kid was probably like 9 (I’m just guessing maybe 12ish) and got hit by a motorcycle. He definitely wasn’t going to let this guy that hit him get off scott free.

Friendship can happen in many odd ways, and this friendship is a very odd one. Yoshino never wanted to be his friend, and they ended up being pretty good friends in the long run. Just look at them now. They don’t care about seeing each other bathe!  This was a nice episode to take a break from all the action, but I’m hoping we get the action back soon.


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