K Episode 5 & 6



K-Project continues to be a very enjoyable series for me. Not much has to happen because the most fun lies within all the crazy character interactions. Particularly these two episodes have the best eye-candy fights (skateboard vs. sword!!), though the most interesting thing would have to be the flashback of the Red Clan. We finally see the guy who was murdered, a carefree spirit who brought joy to those around him. He was close to Mikoto and was determined to become his vassal. His death was so tragic that even Misaki cried (manly tears ftw). Why? Why did such a cute bishie who had a beautiful singing voice have to die? T__T

*ahem* For some reason, Yashiro seems to be disappearing from this world. His classmates don’t remember him, he’s not in any photos, and his mother’s house is actually a football field. Unsure of his identity, he allows the bishie swordsman to slay him right then and there. Well, of course he doesn’t do that, but I have a bad feeling about what’s to come next. Even more tragic would be Shirou fully awakening as the colorless king and killing the bishie swordsman. All the yaoi fangirls everywhere would immediately explode from heartache… And I’m obviously running out of interesting things to say… D:

Still waiting for the Silver King to do something…


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