Pokemon: Best Wishes 2! Episodes 10 & 11

Humilau Gym Battle! Mantine VS Samurott
Pokemon Nursery School Uproar! Rufflet & Vullaby!

Sorry about the lateness, I know that a lot of lurkers follow these posts xD I didn’t check [PM]’s site for a while, and when I checked, there were a whole four episodes.

Following on from Hikari’s depature, Satoshi and group go with the newcomer, Kotetsu, and journey to Himilau town to challenge the water gym leader so that Kotetsu can grab his 8th badge to enter the league, which is starting up soon. After getting lost on the path, in their eager rush to arrive to the gym, the new duo of friends with Meloetta tagging along gets lost in the forest during a downpour. A little bit of comedy and bonding later, and the trio (Satoshi, Kotetsu and Meloetta) end up closer than ever before, with the whole camping outside thing helping to fester the bromance between the kindred spirits who got themselves lost. Upon arrival at the town, the gym leader arrives by riding on a giant Wailord, helping to reunite the lost friends. And thus, the battle begins of Kotetsu against Shizui, starting off with Kotetsu forgetting to bring his Riolu along. Whoops.

Sending out a Ferrothorn instead, giving it almost no movement ability apart from jumping around, the Ferrothorn very quickly defeats Jellicent, and after suffering from Jellicent’s Cursed Body ability, the Mantine sent out by Shizui has a clear-cut way to defeat Ferrothorn, taking complete advantage of it’s lack of movement. Sending out a Samurott next, the pokemon he should have sent out in the first place, an underwater battle starts to happen, thanks to Kotetsu’s “Brainwave”. Ending it promptly with a Hydro Cannon and following it up with an Aqua Jet, the heavily weakened Mantine doesn’t last very much longer, calling the battle to an end. Promising to re-unite at the League, the friends part for now. I really do like a good battle, but it has to be a good one, and not one that’s already been done before. In this event, I think letting Kotetsu do the battling instead was a really nice change, as watching him change the flow of battle constantly thanks to his “brainwaves” was pretty amusing.

Moving onto the next episode, Satoshi’s training disturbs a nearby Rufflet and Vullaby, who start fighting, and then after a twist of events, they end up going to the nearby Pokemon Nursery to help the Rufflet and Vullaby get over their fight. Thanks to Dent’s Taste Testing and sommelier abilities, Satoshi’s arrogant way of running into trouble and Iris’s understanding nature, they end up using their talents to make sure that everyone plays together and has a nice time, in typical cheesy style. It does beg the question as to why Dent’s a gym leader and not a day-care expert, or a breeder, what with his immense knowledge of how to make everyone happy, yet it’s not long until they start fighting again. After an upset and a bicker, the Vullaby runs off, and the daycare teacher trips over a stone, letting it get away…and thus, the adventure to re-unite the teacher and the bickering Pokemon begins. Thanks to Dent’s knowledge and the Rufflet which followed the teacher, everyone makes up and live happily ever after. Ultimatly, it’s a harmless filler episode to bridge the gap between the gym match and the Team Rocket arc, which will be up shortly.


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