Pokemon: Best Wishes 2! Episodes 12 & 13

Meloetta and the Underwater Temple!
Advance of the Therian Formes! Unova’s Greatest Crisis!

So, it’s time for the end of Meloetta’s arc. With Sakai-sama, better known as Giovanni, appearing in the very start of the episode, with the line “Today, we’ll take over the Unova region”, I had pretty high hopes for this two-parter. The genie trio one was really good, but some of the others have been hit and miss.

After that, we get a little bit of training, as Meloetta decides that it would like to have a go fighting, however, breaking up the fight is a rather large Golurk and someone who appears to be Meloetta’s guardian, called Larry. It’s quite interesting to see how Larry refuses to “catch” Meloetta, saying that he doesn’t to take the mythical legend of Unova away from anyone. With Team Rocket’s descent onto Cynthia’s villa, it quickly becomes clear that these guys aren’t just the average grunts, using a Golum and a Rhydon in their ambush. Satoshi, Iris and Dento escape, only to get ambushed by Jessie, James, Meowth and the Yamask/Woobat that goes with them. After pretty much getting defeated, Satoshi runs off with Meloetta, only to get ambushed by Persian and Giovanni. As Giovanni threatens to actually kill Satoshi and Pikachu, Meloetta ends up agreeing to go along with Team Rocket, leaving an angry Iris and Dent behind with a defeated Larry…

Before long, Team Rocket begins their decent into the ocean, and that’s when it hit me. What’s in Undella Bay? The Abyssal Temple. As the villains head into the temple  with Satoshi, Pikachu and Meloetta captive, Giovanni puts Meloetta in the seal and uses the recording of it’s song to activate the Abyssal Temple’s secret…the Reveal Glass, the legendary mirror. Back on land, Cynthia reunites with Larry, Dento and Iris, heading to the temple, but is it all too late, as Giovanni uses the Reveal Glass and Meloetta to bring the temple back to the surface?

Moving along to the second episode, the Reveal Glass starts to shine, and summons the legendary Pokemon…Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus, and along with their arrival comes Cynthia and crew, but it’s all too late, as Giovanni and the mirror manage to force the Genie Trio to form Change into the Therian Forms. With the Reveal Glass and Meloetta forcing the Therian’s to obey Giovanni, Cynthia’s Garchomp, Iris’s Dragonite and Larry’s Golurk head off to battle the Therians, yet end up getting smashed into the ocean…it’s all up to Pikachu and Satoshi, as Pikachu, powered up by Therian Thundurus, destroy the shrine, leaving Giovanni to go berserk thanks to the effect of the Reveal Glass. As he tries to use the Therians for destruction, it’s not until Jessie, James and Meowth attack him, and escape with him, in reference to the first series, with their parting line “That one really is a special Pikachu, isn’t it?”

Meloetta’s song stops the rampage of the Therians, leaving the only damage done being the water around Undella Bay, and rather humbled by his own madness, Giovanni orders the retreat of Rocket Gang all the way back to Kanto, and Meloetta and Larry leave to go back to hiding for another hundred years. You finally get the impression that everything really has been resolved, with a Team Rocket montage at the end of the episode. Is this actually the end of Team Rocket?


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