Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 5

Everything Happens For a Reason

They finally leave the home and venture off for some talismans that Hakaze has hidden. She hid it in an aquarium Yoshino and Mahiro’s sister use to go. For some reason, the talisman was something Mahiro’s sister had got him when she was still alive and they were dating. Or it was another one from the store. I love how Mahiro give’s the Clansmen names. Spear guy, and now Arrow guy. His name is actually Tetsuma, and he’s after these two to find that very powerful talisman Hakaze has hidden. Since Mahiro is a crazy fellow, he sends out his buddy to lure the clansmen to them. So Mahiro uses running electric and water as his weapon.

Once they ran away, the two friends go to Hakaze’s friends house. Now, this is the best part and it made me chuckle. I mean seriously? Who makes a password like that? “Boobs that don’t bounce aren’t boobs at all.” Them silly passwords. But, before I mention something else, there’s a backstory on Hakaze and it shows just how powerful she is. She refuses to let Samon speak with her and then destroys a mountain. Like, damn girl. Calm down. There was no reason to do that. Back to the talisman now. There’s a huge plot twist here and it’s really got me thinking. “What just happened?”  I guess I’ll just have to wait till I watch the next episode.


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