Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 7

I Really Love You

Oh, I see how it works now. Instead of establishing a main rival for Mae, she will continue to meet new challengers who test their relationship. Aiko and Megumi’s arc lasted much shorter than I expected; however, this formula ensures that the drama/sulking won’t get dragged on for too long. New characters also keep it fresh and interesting!

With this episode, Yamato hangs out with Megumi more than Mei, now that they officially work together. He stupidly promises to eat dinner with her every night, despite how fast rumors fly and how Mae might feel. Some good drama pops up here and there, with Mei’s gradual breakdown, to Aiko yelling at her, to Asami slapping Aiko! But what I actually enjoyed most was to see the three of them hang out and talk about Mei’s feelings. What a nice surprise… Aiko giving friendly advice.

The end result is Mei coming out much stronger than ever, as she confidently walks up to Yamato, pulls him down by the tie, and passionately kisses him in the middle of the hallway. o__o Go Mae!

So, it looks like the next challenger is a very old friend of Yamato’s. It’s about time that someone else takes an intense interest in Mae, so I hope that will be the case. That or a surprise yaoi twist. ^_^!


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