Shin Sekai Yori Episode 6, 7, & 8


Summer Darkness


Let’s see, where did I leave off? Oh, right, the queerats! I really enjoyed that arc for the adventurous side of it, not to mention it was interesting to see Satoru push his powers to the limits as he attacked the enemy queerats. Now that Saki and her friends have reunited and restored their powers, the anime skips a couple years ahead. Everything seems to go back to normal as they continue with their lessons, except one thing seems out of the ordinary: Shun and Satoru French kissing. Woah. This fangirl is pleasantly shocked. ^_^

For a moment there, I felt like I was watching a completely different show. The episode mainly focused on same-sex relationships, love triangles, and drama. Basically, Saki still has feelings for Shun, yet she vents her frustrations by making out with Maria, and poor lonely Mamoru commits all his free time to drawing sand pictures of her. Not only that, but Shun is acting rather cold and distant.

This is quite a bold direction for the series to go into, even though it doesn’t last for very long… Shun reveals that he’s actually pretending to be Satoru’s lover and breaks it off with him (-pout-), and he’s being forced to leave the school at the end. He reminds Saki about that crazy summer two years ago and how their punishments were just being delayed for whatever reason.

As much as I enjoyed the brief yaoi/yuri scenes, I’m glad that we’re getting back to the plot here. I’m curious to see what they intend to do to Shun and eventually the rest of them. Hopefully, Saki will be able to rescue him. I…just can’t wait to see this. No more missing three weeks of anime for me again!

Oh and have a Happy Thanksgiving for those who’re celebrating. ^_^


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