Magi Episode 8

The Eighth Night: A Broken Promise

Enter Alibaba, the son of a prostitute and king of Balbadd. After being exposed as the Miracle Man of last week, him and Aladdin appear to have a falling out over what they’re doing, and as such, Alibaba tells Aladdin that the promise is off and he’s got nothing to do anymore. In most shows, this would be an excuse to angst, but both of them get handled really well…probably thanks to the intervention of Mor. Giving people the time to sit around and angst is a bad decision, and after figuring out that Aladdin is upset over this, she literally stalks Alibaba and fetches him from his slum and brings him straight to Aladdin, drained of strength and trying to convince himself of a different path to take now that Alibaba is out the picture.

As such, Alibaba explains his actions to Aladdin, cutting the angst, and we get the backstory of him and as such, of Kassim, his purple braided friend. It’s a pretty interesting story, of how he lived in the slums with his mother, a prostitute, and how he enjoyed life even though he was really badly off. After his mother died, the king appeared in front of him said that he was his son. Alibaba leads a life of royalty and riches until he meets Kassim again one day, and bad turns to worse as this leads to Kassim stealing everything from the palace, leaving Alibaba unconscious in the burning palace around him.

This post is a bit of an info dump, but that’s what this episode really was. Alibaba clearly had some sort of strange past, and this episode was clearly designed to show just how odd and dark it was, and how it shaped who he is. Whilst it did end the flashback at a pretty crucial point, I feel like his character’s grown an awful lot in just this episode, and even Aladdin’s character has improved a fair amount. I just hope he sticks around long enough to actually have the development pay off, as i’m slightly wary that he won’t end up journeying with Aladdin.


3 thoughts on “Magi Episode 8

  1. I really liked how Alibabas story didnt bother to shy away from the dark and gritty stuff. “Oh, my mother was a prostitute”

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