Robotics;Notes Episode 6

It’s So Sad when a Dream Ends

The episode starts off with Jun, the girl from last time, joining the Robotics Club…because, as Aki proudly said, “I begged on my knees!”

What role does Airi play? How was she friends with Misaki? Who’s Kimijima Kou? The mytery thickens as Kou stumbles down the stairs and finds a hidden room, with details on the murder of Kou and which is responsible for the broadcast of the strange noise.

As Frau also joins the club with her anti-social nature and totally perverted nature, the fact that she’s doing something is rather remarkable, considering she’s essentially a female otaku who’s also a NEET. The Robo-One controls get added into place on Magical Subaru’s professional robot, and everything looks as well and dandy until his father turns up at the club and goes as far as to punch Subaru in the face over robots…what a bad father. As the episode ends with Aki having another attack from Elephant Mouse syndrome, anyone’s guess is as good as mine as to what they plan to do next week.


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