Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 8

Bloodmatch! JoJo & Dio

Pheewww, what an intense episode. All this testosterone makes me want to rip some heads off. xD Everyones suggesting to me that I read the manga, so I might do that some day. Anywho, so their deadly battle starts! Poco’s sister is granted eternity but she slapped Dio in the face. Seriously, I would never slap a vampire/zombie/mocho/gentleman like that in the face. He’d rip my head off. He doesn’t do any dirty work, so he sends his zombie medusa out to kill her. Then Jojo comes out with an anvil…seriously? How much does that thing even weight? Oh, only 175 pounds. But did he just climb a building, with an anvil in his hands? Jojo is freaking nuts.

Man, Dio…he’s my favourite character in this anime. I was hoping he’d beat the crap out of Jojo. But, the main character always has to win. Be interesting if by the end of this series Dio rules the world and Jojo dies in a miserable death, or gets turned into a filthy zombie. I was really excited during their battle. Then I was upset, then I was excited again. They kept coming back with death/life/death/life. Dio get’s cut in half, and you want to know what he does? Pushes himself back into position, and then fixes his face in position. How badass is that? Jojo can’t do that! he can only use little ripples while Dio can regenerate. Thank god Dio comes back, says the preview for episode 9. So I’m excited that he’s not dead~

So I’ve heard a new arc(?) starts by episode 10. Battle tendency. I’m new to Jojo, so I’m interested to see how it turns out. I thought this anime was going to follow Dio and Jojo, but I guess not? I’ll have to find out myself.


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